Friday, February 20, 2009

February 19 - uq antiquities museum

Today I visited the R D Milns Antiquities Museum at the University of Queensland. I didn't know that it existed nor that it's open to the public as well as the students.

The mission of the Antiquities Museum is "to play a major role in Classics and Ancient History as a teaching and research tool for staff and students and in the promotion of the program to the community. "

"The collection provides the only comprehensive survey of ancient Mediterranean antiquities on public view in Queensland. The objects span almost 3500 years of history, and are in a variety of materials - stone, pottery, terracotta, metalware and glass. Together they give a picture of the technological and artistic advances made over that time by the forerunners of Western civilisation. "

You can do a virtual tour of the museum online at

Book page to follow when I've done it.

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