Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 9 - bookbinding

Today was the monthly meeting of the Book group at Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists. A creative time was had by all, as usual. Karin showed us how to make Slot and Tab books.

As I have worked on S&T books before I decided to spend the time working out a way to bind individual pages into a book so that the whole of the page is visible. Last year we had a project in the group to make altered pages. The idea was that those of us who participated in the project would each make a number of pages (equal to the number of participants) that we would swap when we finished. The idea was for everyone to end up with a full set of pages that we could then bind into a book using our own choice of method.

The specification for the page was that it should be double-sided and have something (like a photo) to represent ourself on the page somewhere. The idea was to start with a page that already had printing or images on it and alter it using any method we liked. At the end of last year we swapped the finished pages with each other and I now have a folder of pages to bind into a book.

I decided that it would be good to work out a way of binding the pages into a book so that no part of the page is lost, so that's what I did on the book group day.

I started with a strip of thin card and folded it into a small concertina, then I stitched pieces of card onto the "mountains" of it. Given that pictures make things a lot easier to understand, I'm not going to try and use words to explain the method I ended up with, I'll post the pics of the process as soon as I can.

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